opening doors of opportunity

Through years of working on projects large and small, Hanlon Development has developed a wealth of insight and experience in all facets of real estate development. We apply our experience in financial analysis, strategic and master planning, zoning and local policy analysis, and community impact reviews to develop urban, mixed-use, affordable, elderly housing and assisted living, and rural projects of all sizes. 

adding value, from start to finish

For larger, more complex projects, we evaluate the feasibility of entering into a public-private partnership. To get complex projects across the finish line, we utilize tax credits and abatements, bond programs, tax increment financing, “green building” incentives and Earth Advantage certification, as well as current economic and housing programs. When appropriate, we can engage and recommend potential private business partners and establish connections with private equity and debt institutions. There are many doors of opportunity available in real estate today. We help unlock them.

a spirit of collaboration

One of the keys to our success is our ability to foster collaboration, encouraging all parties to work together to identify and resolve critical issues. We utilize a hands-on, detail-oriented approach. Our work includes project planning and design, financial analysis, document and report preparation, best-practice recommendations, implementation and final review.